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Marketing: The Highs & Lows of Women’s Athletics-Podcast #2

Posted in Uncategorized by jumpstartfame on June 8th, 2012

This week's Jump-Start F.A.M.E & The #FAMEMovement podcast will discuss the marketing aspect of the WNBA from the prospective of the fans.  The podcast will highlight major points that are at the core of discussion within the WNBA.

1.)  Awareness of the WNBA in general

2.)  Media Coverage

3.) Fan Support & Growth

You can download and subscribe to this podcast on iTunes or through the Podbean website.

Contact Info:

Founder: Kimberly C. Garner

Official Website:


Twitter:  @JumpStartFame


Music By:

Intro:  Sean "AwfTop" Phillips

Jump-Start F.A.M.E Anthem by LeXXah Drew

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Special Shout Out & Thanks To:

LaFave Dean, Lisa Hayes, Valerie Jacobs, Omar & Vivian White, Jennifer Johnson, DC, DeMarquez, and Vershun.



Atlanta Dream Home Opener 2012-Podcast #1

Posted in Uncategorized by jumpstartfame on May 26th, 2012

Founder and Host Kimberly Garner sits down to discuss some of the fans favorite female athletes and why they decided to come out and support the ladies on their home opening night. Check out what the fans had to say...

Special Thanks to:  Shellie Pierce, Yvette Northern, Jessica Ray, Dawn Rollin, Troy Sledge, Tynice Martin, Maria Williams, Rick, Laura, Erin Dickey and Wanda McMullen.

Music By:

Alicia Keys & Jay-Z- Empire State of Mind

Angel McCoughtry- Baby I'm A Star

LeXXah Drew- I CAN

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